Current Political System in The U.S

U.S politics

Politics are part of our life. It is hard to separate politics with our daily lives especially because we live in society ruled by the government. Without political system, there are chance for chaos here and there. Politics are important elements for government to set rules. These politics are also about making decision that apply […]

Issues The U.S Face and the Upcoming U.S Presidential Elections in 2020

U.S Presidential Elections

It is scheduled for the U.S o conduct the next presidential election in 2010, precisely on Tuesday, November 3rd. It will become the 59th U.S presidential election. The current president of the U.S, Trump has already begun his campaigns for his reelection representing Republican. However, this 2010 elections will not only for presidential election but […]

The U.S Political System and Possible Changes

The U.S Political System

When it comes to the U.S political system there are various issues are linked. The U.S politics play significant role as to how the government handle the issues especially the major one. There is always possibility for some changes to happen to the political system in the U.S. some even hope for it because they […]

The U.S Politics and Its Influences to The World Affair

The U.S Politics

It is common to link political issues with other major issues. Today, it is not hard to guess which one is the most powerful country in the world. When it comes to that, the U.S is the answer. The U.S political issues often cause major impacts globally. The changes and shifting to the political dynamic […]