The U.S Political System and Possible Changes

The U.S Political System

When it comes to the U.S political system there are various issues are linked. The U.S politics play significant role as to how the government handle the issues especially the major one. There is always possibility for some changes to happen to the political system in the U.S. some even hope for it because they […]

The U.S Politics and Its Influences to The World Affair

The U.S Politics

It is common to link political issues with other major issues. Today, it is not hard to guess which one is the most powerful country in the world. When it comes to that, the U.S is the answer. The U.S political issues often cause major impacts globally. The changes and shifting to the political dynamic […]

Current Situation of 2018 Midterm Elections in US

Midterm Elections

It’s been a week after US midterm elections which were held in November 6th, 2018. So far, Democrat has gained 22 seats in the House of representative. At first, it was viewed as moderate victory which wouldn’t be last. However, Democrats keeps going stronger and dominate the House. It is predicted that Democrat will keep […]

How 2018 Midterm Elections Affect 2020 Presidential Election

Midterm Elections

The 2018 Us midterm elections haven’t finished yet. There are still few House races which haven’t been called so it still open for some changes. However, the result so far has resulted in speculation about its indication for the 2020 presidential election. Lots of people believe that the result of 2018 midterm will have strong […]

Main Issues Dominating the 2018 United States Midterm Elections

Midterm Elections

In previous years, United States Midterm Elections were viewed as routine which didn’t give much impact to the current presidency. However, this year’s midterm election held in United States on November 6th seems to be different. There are many eyes watching from all over the world to this event. This will be a referendum of […]

The Importance of the 2018 US Midterm Elections

US Midterm Elections

The 2018 United States Midterm Elections were held on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. The current results show that the houses of Congress, The House of Representatives and the Senate were won by different Parties. Democrats won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives while Republican remains in their majority of seats in the […]

Political System in US You Need to Know

Political System in US

The United States is a federal Republic. The powers are shared between the President, Congress, and federal courts. President leads the executive branch and is independent from legislature and the judiciary. The President is served by the cabinet, including the Vice President to give advice. The United State also has two main chambers of Congress. […]

What You Need to Know about 2018 US Midterm Elections

Midterm Elections

On November 6th, 2018, United States held midterm elections. American voters have rights to elect the House of Representatives and the Senate members. Together, they are called as Congress. Before the election, both houses of Congress are controlled by Republican. This party is the one that support the current US President, Donald Trump. Another party […]