The U.S Political System and Possible Changes

The U.S Political System

When it comes to the U.S political system there are various issues are linked. The U.S politics play significant role as to how the government handle the issues especially the major one. There is always possibility for some changes to happen to the political system in the U.S. some even hope for it because they expect for positive outcomes.

However, there are always mixed views of how people see structural changes in the political system in the U.S. for some people. Democracy in the U.S has been working quite well so there are no major changes needed in the political system. However, there are also people who share different opinion, hoping for some changes in several elements to improve how the government work.

The U.S Political System

The U.S Political System

Expected changes in the U.S political system

The U.S politics always have impact to the world affairs. Thus, America is not the only affected by any changes either minor or major in the political system. There are even many Americans who also hope for changes in the way president is elected. It is already known that the rise of Trump as the next president replacing Obama has sparked strong reactions from various sides.

Even after all this time, more than half of Americans agree that Trump is not doing really well with his presidency. Many argue that Trump lacks respects for democratic institutions and traditions.

The political system in the U.S is often viewed as money-oriented. Those who have more power in the term of money from often viewed as more influential than the others. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why some Americans want some changes to the political system, especially to the election.

Lots of Americans believe hat some changes to the laws can help reduce the role of money in the U.S politics. Therefore, most of Americans agree to limit the amount of money spent by individuals or organizations on political issues or campaigns.

Republicans and Democrat

Since the U.S political system still adopt democracy.  Change can be more challenging especially when most Americans already think the it works for the U.S government. However, there are still part of changes they expect especially to the fundamental as well as design and structure.

The U.S Political System

The U.S Political System

If there are some changes applied to those elements. They believe that the democratic political system will work even better in the U.S. There are also other developed nations that apply that share the same political system with the U.S. However, most Americans agree that what the U.S have done so far is still above the average.

The way hoe political system flows in the U.S is influenced by the parties. There are two major parties in the U.S. they are Republicans and Democrat. The majority of Americans view Republicans to do better work than Democrats. The political system in the U.S plays major role because it influences many people not only Americans.

There are other nations who are somewhat affected by any changes happening in the U.S political system. Some major issues involving world affairs are also somewhat affected when there is major change to the U.S politics.