The U.S Politics and Its Influences to The World Affair

The U.S Politics

It is common to link political issues with other major issues. Today, it is not hard to guess which one is the most powerful country in the world. When it comes to that, the U.S is the answer. The U.S political issues often cause major impacts globally. The changes and shifting to the political dynamic is U.S often cause other shifts in many places around the world as well. It happens especially when there are changes of president. Currently, the U.S is under Donald Trump presidency.

It is one of the most significant shift within the U.S politics. With the change of presidency from Barrack Obama to Donald Trump, many people around the world share the same thing. They view the power and influence of the current presidency as major threats instead to their country.

U.S Politics under Trump administration

U.S Politics under Trump administration

Donald Trump and the dynamic of U.S politics

The change of views of many people around the world of the U.S power and influence to be the major threats are often connected to the attitudes of Donald Trump. He is one of the most controversial figures in the U.S. His attitudes often spark controversies among international audience. It is not uncommon for the U.S politics to play major role in the world’s affairs. It has been happening for so long. That’s why the U.S plays huge role in how the world works.

Of course, the political policies created by Donald Trump is not the only major threats for global. There are also other important threats aside from Trump presidency such as global climate change. Other major threats including cyber attacks and ISIS. The power and influence of the U.S politics are still considered lower than the other major threats. However, it still affect the dynamic of the world affairs.

views of Donald Trump

views of Donald Trump

The share of people who view the U.S politics under Trump presidency as major threats are increased significantly. After Trump’s election, the share has been increasing. The countries that share the same view of seeing Trump’s presidency as threats include Germany, France, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, and many more. However, the statistics of the share of people who view current U.S politics under Trump’s presidency as major threat are decreased. It happened in Spain.

Views of Donald Trump

Basically, the biggest reason of this view of U.S politics and its power and influence is linked with views of Donald Trump. Lots of people in the world share the same view where they put no to little believe that Trump can do the right thing especially related to the world affairs. There are various views of Trump that most people don’t agree with.

Therefore, instead of improving the world affairs, many people in the world believe that Trump will only make it worse. However, the U.S politics will stay remain influential for the world affairs regardless of who hold the current presidency. For the countries who don’t have favorable views of the U.S politics, they will still view them as threat.