Understanding How the US Election Debate Works

Understanding How the US Election Debate Works

The most interesting thing about US election is debate between candidates from the Republic and Democratic. Both becomes the center of the world due to the US has significant influence to other countries. The sponsor is Commission on Presidential Debates.

The debate is not mandatory because not part of constitution. Years ago, both candidates made joint statement due to specific situation. In that time, the debate was not necessary. Today, it is part of method to attract more voters. People learn more from how candidates answer the question and provide the solution.

Understanding How the US Election Debate Works

Understanding How the US Election Debate WorksUnderstanding How the US Election Debate Works

Things Related With US Election Debate

It is started long time ago since US conducts the presidential election based on direct voter. In that time, debate was something people waited. Media became the key components that spread this event around the world. Some aspects you must know about US election debate will be explored in the following section.

  • Schedule

The presidential election is held every four year. Before voting, several debates are scheduled. Usually, you will know when and where after official released from Commission Presidential Debates. Before the event, each party already chooses the candidate. On the other hand, candidate for vice president is usually still unknown. Schedule will be for at least three and mostly four debates.

Three events are for presidential debates and the remaining one is for vice president. The candidate can choose whether to attend or not based on his or her personal preference. Being absent on this event does not mean the candidate will be disqualification. As it mentioned above, debate is not part election process on the constitution.

  • Candidates

Candidates on this debate are from both parties, democratic and republic. If you learn about US politics and constitution, both are the majority parties. On the other side, some minor parties are also available with their own agenda. The schedule will include them when the time comes. As for the main event, both candidates will be the center of interest and attraction.

  • Topics and issues

From debates, the candidates explain their plans and solutions to overcome certain issue. The topic is general with some specific issues that will be addressed. Usually, the US presidential debates will take controversial issues that become the key interest. Both parties are often in the opposite standpoint each other. This is the good chance to justify and enlighten their opinion.

Understanding How the US Election Debate Works

Understanding How the US Election Debate Works

This event is also important part during campaign. In general, voters will pick the candidates regardless the result of the debate. However, that was long time ago due to limited media and communication tool. Today, people in US have freedom to judge and pick anyone. In this situation, the candidates must be appealing for undecided voters. They are portions of people who do not affiliate with certain parties. https://azanderson.org/political-system-in-us/